How to get your card to us and back

  1. Once you've purchased either a single grading or chosen to grade multiple cards, you will be presented with a number of shipping options.
  2. The standard PostNL Insured tracked shipping ensures orders up to €5.500. See their website for the current prices. Please note that these are the shipping we will use to send the cards back to you. By purchasing a grading, you have accepted our terms and conditions.

  1. After you have purchased the order, you must decide yourself how to deliver the cards to us (you can even hand-deliver the cards if you like).
    The method and decision you choose is separate from the transaction and is, in no way, associated with Orange Card Grading Services (OCGS). It's your responsibility to get your cards to us.
  2. Once you've decided on your shipping method, you need to pack your shipment. Make sure you include the OCGS Purchase Number, which you will find on the top of your order page, in your package.
  3. Once OCGS has finished grading your cards, we will send the graded cards back to you. We will provide the tracking code for your order.